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Zagir Islamdibirov (Dagestan Republic)

ZagirIslamdibirovIn spite the fact that Zagir Islamdibirov has no left hand since his childhood, he has become an honorary master of sport taekwondo.

Moreover, he finds the time not only on taekwondo trainings, but also on football and no rules fighting! Equally well like other athletes (without disabilities) Zagir (without left hand) gets prizes.

People noticed Zagir after his fights on World Para-taekwondo Championships. In Switzerland, Lausanne he won a gold medal.

“That time I participated not for Dagestan Republic, but for the country. That’s why a had to forget about diseases. I had a knee injury, but when I came up to the ring, I thought only about the victory.”

After the World Para-taekwondo Championship his personal events schedule was filled with international and national events he took part in. Zagir never lost on national championships and always took prizes.

His support is his coaches, relatives and till recently his followers. After 5 years of hard trainings, Zagir started the career of coach teaching young athletes.

Wherever he was: spot halls, streets, family house…Zagir has no problems with communication. He is always ready to keep ball of conversation rolling. Close friends don’t even pay attention to his special construction of body.

Zagir says he has a regular life, and he has never had any psychic trauma, complexes or needs in adaptation to life. Recently, he met a girlfriend and now they are together. Even driving a car Zagir feels comfortable. It’s even more difficult for him to remember moments when he felt inconvenience. Daily washing dishes and cooking are not problems for him.

“I never was shy talking to girls or guys. At home I got used to doing all necessary and regular home duties. I can easily wash and iron clothes. I even drive a car by myself. Sometimes in summer I put on T-shirts with long sleeves or jackets not to attract people’s attention.” I got used to do everything by myself. It’s my upbringing.


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