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Sakinat Magomedova (Dagestan Republic)

Sakinat MagomedovaSakinat Magomedova was born without hands. However she learned how to do regular housework. Now she grows up two children.

Though she has to do it alone she is not depressed. Of cource, when she was young she felt discomfort trying not to communicate with people. Their opinions, thoughts, talkings and the way they looked at her...everything pressed her down. now it is all in the past.

Sakinat was born in Chechen Republic without both hands. Found out the difficulty of living without hands Sakinat sank into herself. In kindergarden boys kidding at her. Being kicked she dropped down. Her lips and nose were used to be crashed to blood.

She got just three classes of education. She even couldn't graduate from regular high school and enter the higher school. Mother used to burst into tears especially when her husband went away from the problems with child-invalid. At the age of 37 she died and Sakinat stayed alone. From 13 years she started to live relying only on herself. She was always interested to live. And who said that it's impossible to live without hands? Despite everything she decided to fall into love, get married, have children..

In private school she studied reading and writing. No mistakes! Writing without hands! Now she easily fills froms, important papers and gives us her memorable autograph as a keepsake. Her handwriting is not ideal, but exactly better than somebodies' one who write with a hand and finally it's hard to read. Sakinat does everything with legs: makes a hairstyle, applyes make-up, washes dishes, cleans the flat and even cook! Can you imagine how to peel potatoes with legs? Some people even can't do it easily with hands.

"Don't give up and go ahead" is the main Sakinat's life motto. After the birth of her youngest daughter Patula, Sakinat decided to try herself in sport. She was fond of para-taekwondo. Then, she started to participate in National and International Championships.

The first serious Championship she lost in finals. It was a great experience because thanks to the result Sakinat understood: Sport doesn't accept mistakes. After coming back home she made herself to think only about the victory. She spent all the time training with her coach Arlan Biyarslanov who was the first person in republic trying to create a real para-taekwondo team. Nowadays there are 20 athletes in the team. In fact, one of its member Sakinat getы permanently medals on tournaments.

It's known that "Healthy spirit lives in a healthy body", but this athlete put the spirit on the first place and as follows, thanks to strong spirit she got a strong body, evercame herself and reached success. At the age of 33 she has a son and little daughter. She is a winner and not only in sport.




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