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Feedback from Ukrainian Para-taekwondo head coach

YuliyaVolkova1. We absolutely support the idea that combination of A5 classification with any other classification is not possible. 

It is unfair.

2. Starting from Mr. Aleksandr’s suggestion concerning combination of A5 classification with any other classification, I would like to notice that lack of an arm or arms makes a person lighter on 2-4 kg. Consequently, we suggest to distinguish weight categories for A5 and A6 from weight categories for A7 and A8. For instance:
A5: male: 54 kg, 60 kg, 67 kg, 76 kg and +76 kg
A5: female: 46 kg, 53 kg, 60 kg, 67 kg and +67 kg
A6: male: 56 kg, 62 kg, 69 kg, 78 kg and +78 kg
A6: female: 48 kg, 55 kg, 62 kg, 69 kg, +69 kg

3. Vexed question is classification of athletes with paralyzed from a particular place arm or two arms.
To our opinion, if an arm is paralyzed from the shoulder, A6 athlete should perform with a hidden under protector arm. At first, it is necessary because of its safety in order not to injure it as it is not controlled. Secondly, the aim is to equalize athletes in rights. A6 athlete with an amputee above elbow has an open zone to be attacked. In case an athlete has an arm though it’s paralyzed, the attacked zone is somehow protected. In that situation, we can’t say about equality.

4. We also agree with an idea about seminars for specialists. It is necessary for powerful development of our kind of sport.


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