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International Day of Invalids

InternationalDayOfInvalidsDecember 3 is the International Day of Invalids. Every year Paralympic Champions gather in order to show master classes to people with disabilities and parents whose children are invalids.

Most of them have never tried themselves in sports,though they wanted to, but were not able even to start. Talking to youngers, paralympic champions used to say: "Evercome yourself", "Be strong", "Believe in yourself despite everything".

This year in Moscow, Russia more than 200 of invalids came to enjoy master classes. Many of them just found out for themselves that different kinds of sport are available for them.

Almost all athlets with disabilities think their victory and glory on trainings and championships depend on strong spirit. "Strong in spirit" is a name of the new film about para-taekwondo. 52 minutes of exciting and affecting cuts about para-taekwondo athletes, different stories of their life tremendously amazed spectators.






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