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September 4-World Taekwondo Day!

September 4-World Taekwondo Day!

Ulyanovsk Regional Taekwondo Federation proudly joins in congratulations on such a significant day. Taekwondo as a sport has been around for more than 50 years. Taekwondo is being actively popularized among young people and children. Taekwondo is not only useful, interesting, but prestigious as well. The Ulyanovsk Regional Taekwondo Federation promotes the development of Taekwondo on the territory of the Ulyanovsk region and is proud of its pupils, many of whom are prize-winners and champions of the Russian and International competitions.

It is crucial to draw our attention to such an important and popular kind of sport as Taekwondo ,referring back to the origins of its creation and its formation precisely as a sport.

The World Federation of Taekwondo was established on May 28, 1973.

May 25-27, 1973, the first World Championship was held in Seoul. The headquarters of the WTF and at the same time the center of Taekwondo is Kukkiwon, located on the top of the slope in the Yangdon district of Seoul (Korea). Kukkivon was opened on November 30, 1972 and registered with the state bodies on July 7, 1974. Kim Yong Yeung became the first president of the WTF, and on July 17, 1980, the World Taekwondo Federation was recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). On June 24, 2017, the World Taekwondo Federation was renamed and now called World Taekwondo. The president of WT is Dr. Chung Won Cho.

Basic reasons to start Taekwondo

1. History

The founder and the first president of the International Taekwondo Federation was the general of the South Korean army, whose task was the creation of the educational system of physical and moral-willed qualities, as well as discipline.

2. The scale

Taekwondo has already conquered the whole world. Founded in 1955, this martial art has already existed in more than 200 countries, on 5 continents and has more than 40 million people engaged.

3. Health

Taekwondo classes at any age have a positive impact on your health and the health of your children. In the first year of training, special emphasis is placed on the development of flexibility, general physical training, proper posture. Instructors constantly advise on proper nutrition, dayly regime and hygiene. In addition, Taekwondo classes contribute to boosting the body.

4. Self-defense

Today, we often encounter the situation when it is necessary to quickly mobilize forces to counteract aggression. Being primarily a sports martial arts, Taekwondo nevertheless gives a good preparation for self-defense.

5. The surrounding people

It is well known that all people, especially children, are very influenced by the surrounding people. If your child gets into a healthy, friendly team, united by sports interests, he is much more likely to confront the "street world" with his dangerous temptations.

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