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ETU Honorary President Sun Jae Park passed away

ETU Honorary President Sun Jae Park passed away

Today at 18:30, the ETU Honorary President and WTF Vice-president Dr. Sun Jae Park passed away. Dr. Sun Jae Park was a pioneer in the world of Taekwondo and especially in his home country Italy.

Dr. Park introduced Taekwondo in Italy around 1966 and in Croatia (former Yugoslavia) on May 1968, holding the title Croatia taekwondo Knight. He was a founding member of ETU 1976 and was elected Vice-president of the European Taekwondo Union at the inaugural General Assembly of the ETU in 1976. Since that time, Dr. Park was always in support of the ETU and Taekwondo in Europe. Dr. Park was nominated by ETU President Pragalos as Honorary President of the European Taekwondo Union in 2002 on the occasion of the World Taekwondo Championships in Creta. In 2004, Dr. Park was elected acting president of the World Taekwondo Federation, after the resignation of Dr. Un Young Kim. He served as Vice-president of the World Taekwondo Federation since 2005. Dr. Park was always offering his guidance during meetings of the ETU Council and he will be missed. Our hearts and minds go out to the children and family of Dr. Sun Jae Park and to the members of the Italian Taekwondo Federation.

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ETU Honorary President Sun Jae Park passed away

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