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Burgenland Para-taekwondo Open 2015

Burgenland Para-taekwondo Open 2015The Competition Season 2015 started with a good participation at the Burgenland Open in Gropetersdorf.

Athletes achieved the following results:



Seyma Bolat, Female Poomsae Para-Taekwondo P11
Luka Subacic, Male Poomsae Para-Taekwondo P11
Lea Hoglinger, Kyorugi Junior - 55 Kg
Gerlinde Hoglinger, Poomsae -60 years old
Stefanie Wandl, Poomsae -40 years old


Elif Stoyanov, Kyorugi Junior -46 Kg (she is only 12 but had to compete with a junior athlete due to lack of opponents)
Jonathan Pazmandy, Kyorugi Senior -74 Kg
Sebastian Pazmandy, Kyorugi Senior -63 Kg
Stefanie Wandl, Kyorugi Senior -57 Kg
Sebastian Pazmandy, Poomsae -30 Years old


Gabriel Turgay, Kyorugi Senior -68 Kg
Marc Steinhuber, Male Poomsae P20


A very honoured 4th place for the Poomsae Pair over 30 years old for Gerlinde and Sebastian Pazmandy

Overall the results were not as good as the training and ability of the athletes was demanding, but since we have just finished the first training mesocycle and we are far from Peak Performance, these are good interval results, specially for the Para-Taekwondo athletes that showed up on the first tournament of this kind.

Besides Austrian athletes, several ID athletes from Hungary and Burgenland competed on the first Para-taekwondo championships in Austria.

The next challenges will be the Vienna Open on October 10th, 2015 and the Austrian Championships on October 24th, 2015.

Source: www.yong-du.com