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ETU Council meets in Athens

ETUCouncilMeetsInAthensThe ETU Council met on 28 January 2015 in the ETU headquarters in Athens. The most important decision point on the agenda was the hosting of the European Qualification Tournament for the Olympics. There were 2 candidate cities, Baku and Istanbul. The delegates of both hosts delivered their presentation and it was Istanbul, Turkey who won the bid eventually by a close margin.

The Council was informed by the chairman of the Appeal Committee in the Sweden case that the committee came to a decision. The committee upheld the decision of the Sanctions Committee which means that Sweden is suspended as member of ETU until their statutes are in full compliance with ETUs and WTFs. Swedish athletes are till that time not allowed to participate at events.

Secretary-General Fyzentidis announced that all ETU committees are being reviewed and new nominations are being made. All current Committees are being dissolved and the new chairmen and members will be announced shortly. President Pragalos elaborated on the cooperation between ETU and Kukkiwon. They will start cooperation in the field of events for taekwondo practitioners in Europe. Not only education of instructors, but one of the major events will be the Hanmadang festival and Martial arts events. In addition, ETU shall have the sole authority to conduct dan promotion tests for 3rd dan and higher. Only those countries who have an MoU with Kukkiwon can hold their own dan promotion tests. Kukkiwon will no longer grant Kukkiwon dan certificates to masters in Europe, whether or not they are member of an ETU member. That means that exclusively ETU’s MNAs and ETU are allowed to obtain Kukkiwon dan certificates and that means that taekwondo practitioners need to be a member of the MNA in their country to get a Kukkiwon certificate!

Due to not attending the ETU Council meetings, two positions in the ETU Council became vacant. According to the ETU Statutes, the Council held by-elections and the Council unanimously elected Mr. Philippe Bouedo (France) and Mr. Antonio Barbario as new Council members for the period to the elections in 2017.

During the ETU Council Meeting EPTU Vice-President Mr. Evgeny Klyuchnikov announced that EPTU is going to hold 4th European Para-taekwondo Championships in Moldova, Chisinau on April 18-20, 2015. ETU Council agreed with the hosting country, city and dates for the Championships. Mr. Klyuchnikov also added that Europe is still in search of Classifiers in Europe and EPTU is waiting for recommendations and resumes of doctors physioterapists with fluent English. He also mentioned that on January 31st will be the final decision of IPC  Governing Board and on behalf of EPTU he expresses the hope and believe that para-taekwondo will be inside the Paralympic Program 2020. If not so, anyway EPTU will keep working and do their best to develop para-taekwondo movement in Europe.

For 2015, ETU President Pragalos has appointed new Chairpersons of the Committees after the Council members of ETU nominated candidates for these positions. These newly appointed Chairpersons replace the existing Chairpersons as by decision of ETU. All Chairpersons are appointed for the term of one year. ETU will inform all Chairpersons by letter and wishes all of them the best of luck in conducting their new tasks.

The ETU Committees are the working groups of the ETU. Here the main work is done in preparation for the sessions of the decision-making bodies. Committees are composed of several specialists and are usually lead by one chairman. It is possible to be a member of more than one committee.



Solidarity Committee
Chairman: Evgeny U. Klyuchnikov (Russia)

Technical Committee
Chairman: Mr. Angelo Cito (Italy)

Referee Committee
Chairman: Mr. Chakir Chelbat (Sweden)

Games Committee
Chairman: Philip Bouedo (France)

Poomsae Committee
Chairman: Park Soo Nam (Germany)

Financial and Economic Committee
Chairman: Igor Iuzefovici (Moldova)

Public Relations Committee
Chairman: Ivan Banchevski (Bulgaria)

Marketing Committee
Chairman: Zoran Cendic (Serbia)

Legislative Committee
Chairman: Dr Leandros Lefakis (Greece)

Scientific Committee
Chairman: Mike McKenzie (United Kingdom)

A-Class Poomsae Committee
Chairman: Mustapha Moutarazak (Netherlands)

Athlete and Coach Committee
Chairman: Antonio Barbarino (Germany)

ETU Taekwondo Academy
Chairman: Panikos Loizou (Cyprus)

Youth and Collegiate Committee
Chairman: Miroslav Brezan (Croatia)

Woman Committee
Chairwoman: Elena Benitez (Spain)

Medical Committee
Chairman: Dr. Giannis Theodorakis (Greece)

Doping Control committe
Chairman: Dr. Panagiotis Karagounis (Greece)

Para Taekwondo Committee
Chairman: Paul Viscogliosi (France)

Fairplay Committee
Chairman: Abdenbi Amhand (Switzerland)

Diversity and Inclusion Committee
Chairman: Prof. Athanasios Strigas (Greece)

TV and Media Committee
Chairwoman: Effie Zikouli (Greece)

Ethic Committee
Chairwoman: Vassiliki Avgoustinou (Greece)


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