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Congratulations from the EPTU President

Congratulations from the EPTU PresidentDear Presidents and Secretaries General of National Federations!

Let me announce personally the amazing news we have received on 31 January, 2015 year from the International Paralympic Committee! The IPC Governing Board made a long-hoped positive decision we all were desired to.

Now I’m delighted and honored to congratulate You with the including of para-taekwondo kyorugi (K40) to Paralympic Program Tokyo 2020! This new goes down in history!

This is a great achievement of our big taekwondo family. I’m very thankful for all the efforts and support, and your enormous contribution to development of our beloved sport taekwondo. Now it’s inside the Paralympic Program, and it gives many opportunities and advantages to para-taekwondo athletes. I’m happy that their dreams come true!

Though Para-taekwondo is developing extremely fast, many objectives have to be done. Since 2015 WTF starts a Ranking System for para-taekwondo athletes. All the para-taekwondo Championships including Continental Championships are Open! It means that all WTF MNA’s have a chance to participate in any para-taekwondo events in the world. In April 18-20, 2015 in Moldova, Chisinau EPTU holds 4th European Para-taekwondo Championships and expects more number of athletes and countries from all over the world than ever. EPTU has big plans for the upcoming future including organization of seminars, education courses, trainings for coaches, referees, classifiers and so on.

 As the President of the European Para-taekwondo Union (EPTU) I promise to do everything depending on me to stable the positions of para-taekwondo and make it as exciting and dynamic kind of sport for all as possible.

Kind regards,
EPTU President
Aleksandr Shlychkov

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