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Negotiations with ETU President

Negotiations with ETU PresidentEPTU President Mr. Aleksandr Shlychkov had a meeting with ETU President Mr. Sakis Pragalos at ETU office in Athens, Greece on July 18, 2014.

The negotiations were concerning the further development of para-taekwondo in Europe, promotion and advancing of sport for all.

The two European Presidents discussed the upcoming 3rd European Para-taekwondo Championships which will take place in October-November, 2014 in Turkey jointly with European Taekwondo Club Championships. EPTU President brought into focus the significance of Classification of para-taekwondo athletes and necessity of European Classifiers.

As a suggestion, European Para-taekwondo Union is going to held the 1st International Para-taekwondo Classification seminar in order to educate doctors and give them a chance to become an International Classifier and take part in official para-taekwondo events.

Finally, EPTU President in conduction with ETU President agreed to move headquarters of EPTU from Netherlands to Russia as well as open the EPTU office in Moscow which is the location of EPTU President presence.

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