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Сharacteristics of new Electronic Headgears

СharacteristicsNewElectronicHeadgearsThe Korean firm KP&P in conduction with Adidas presented its electronic headgear during the World Junior Championship recently held in Taipei City.




General Information
• Safety: minimizes the exposure of electronic magnetic waves. Skin-friendly.
• Performance: Follows WTF regulations and rules. Detects all strikes above the clavicle.
• Operating support system: Vibration functions in the Referee Scoring Box. LED light system for a new competition experience.
• Design: Similar to the general headgear. Transmitter is embedded in the EHP.

Impact Sensor
• Impact sensor covers the entire Head Protector. Minimized the impact deviation of the EHP.
• Excellent durability.
• Easy to make into various shapes
• Excellent impact performance in consistency with linearity & uniformity.
• Detects tiny impulse value.
• Detects impacts that are uncovered by the Head Protector, such as the face and the neck.

Proximity Sensor
• RFID international standard.
• Detects valid impact or strike.
• Embedded RFID tag (unique ID) distinguish Fist & Kick
• The antenna can change the range of the proximity sensors.

Cell Phone Radiation
• 2 Anti-Electro-Magnetic Shield wraps all around the E-Head Protectors. The waves that reach the head is close to nothing.
• Cell Phone Radiation: Cellphones 1.6 W/g > Adidas – KP&P EHP 0.000691mW/g


Source: MasTaekwondo

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